04 novembre 2006

Gam-eire-o il a marqué, gam-eire-o il a marqué !

There was this guy and he was walking down Patrick's Street and all of a sudden he stopped at the turn off to Winthrop's street. He put his hands into the pocket and just stood there. All of a sudden his hood started moving by itself. It started rolling itself up ans jumping about the place and doing flips and twists and somersaults as much as a hood can move.

After about 10 minutes the act had drawn a small crowd of awed spectators. There was no let up in the hood and it continued to dance around its owners head while he just stood there. Then after 15 minutes the man walked around with a hat and collected speoples change.

This happened 4 times and one man who was absolutely amazed at the show finally walked up to the man with the hoody and asked him :

"What give ? I've been standing here for at least an hour and I can't understand how your hood keeps doing trick after trick with no two tricks being the same !! Please, please, share your secret ...

and the man with the hood just smiled and said

"Oh that, that's just my livelihood !"


  • Bah écrit pas en anglais ma mère va plus rien comprendre :o

    By Anonymous Steph, at 5/11/06 12:57  

  • Heureusement que sa fille est bientôt prof d'anglais !

    By Blogger Zul, at 5/11/06 15:49  

  • c'est quoi le rapport avec ton blog la??

    By Anonymous Marco, at 5/11/06 19:30  

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